After you go around a corner you see a man in a doorway. He shudders slightly at your sight and starts turning around to run, but notices a gun in your hand and halts.
He addresses you in a hoarse trembling voice:
- H-hey, what do you need that for? Could you please take it away?
a) Calm down, I'm not going to shoot you.
- How can I be sure? Put the gun away, I'm begging you. A mere sight of it makes me nervous.
a2) How come? I'm not even pointing it at you.
- Still, it looks like you're ready to shoot. Listen, I'm not asking you to throw it away or anything, okay?

You hide the revolver and the man becomes noticeably less tense.

"Thanks a lot." - He smiles and offers you his hand.
Return a handshake...